We combine classical ethical hacking techniques, context-based risk assessments and advanced analytics to ensure you identify and prioritize your remediation activities


Providing defenders with a systematic approach to prioritize vulnerabilities

Our methodology considers vulnerability prevalence, common attack choke points, and actionability to enable defenders to focus on the ATT&CK techniques that are most relevant to their organization


Defending against all possible vulnerabilities is simply not practical, and without guidance, determining which techniques to focus on is overwhelming.


Provide a risk-based methodology and tools to help prioritize assessment results

Added value

Our highly skilled security professionals have the ability to link assessment results with analytics based risk evaluations

What we offer

Comprehensive set of red teaming and maturity assessment services

Red teaming and Phishing as a service

Providing regular insights into potential vulnerabilities taking into account the evolving threat landscape

Cyber Maturity Assessments

Assessing the overall cyber maturity of organizations based on known standards (NIST, ISO, CIS, etc.) or a proven proprietary Framework

Regulatory compliance

Evaluating and assisting compliance with EU and national/sectorial cybersecurity regulations (NIS 2, DORA, HDS, etc.)