We help organizations establish their strategic cyber priorities based on a data-driven threat informed approach


Defining actionable roadmaps, Target Operating Models and reference architectures

By relying on data-driven evaluation of the threat landscape, the results of your maturity assessments and context based priorities, we define with you a tailor made cybersecurity program


Cyber strategies are generally too generic and doest not take into consideration the real-life threats and organizational constraints


Prioritize cyber projects by quantifying both expected risk mitigations and tangible (budget/mandays) and intangible (user change management) requirements

Added value

In addition to our experts who provide hands-on practical experience on the definition and execution of cyber roadmaps, we have developed a framework based on MITRE Center for Threat-Informed Defense methodology to prioritize the threat landscape

What we offer

A range of services to support your establish your strategic direction

Cyber strategy & roadmap

Defining cyber strategies, actionable cyber roadmaps and reference solutions. Recommandations are based on a defined target state that is aligned with your threat exposure and capabilities

Cyber Target Operating Model

Constructing an appropriate target state for cybersecurity roles, responsibilities, related processes and governance functions. These take into account the existing structure, team capabilities, ressource availability and third party ecosystem

Cyber Risk quantification

Providing the information needed to make security investment decisions. We use unique analytical methods to quantify both the risk and expected risk mitigation offered by cyber projects