We define, implement and manage a complete end-to-end set of solutions to automate your cyber dashboards and reports


Know what to measure and how to visualize it

Designing and implementing automated cyber dashboards, including OKR (Objective, Key Results) and visualization to facilitate the effective monitoring of cyber risks from executive management to operations


Organizations have difficulties determining what need to be measured, use manually and error prone excel files, and can't provide efficient and pertinent reporting


Provide a Strategic, tactical and operational framework to build and automate the management of cyber related data

Added value

In addition to our security experts, we have dedicated data engineers and data analytics experts that support the implementation of automated data structures

What we offer

Make informed decisions based on simple to use cyber dashboards

Cyber OKR definition

Defining High level Objectives understandable by TOP management and detailed Key results that drive the execution of the cyber strategy for operational people

Cyber dashboard automatisation

Implementing the data structures and data flows that allows for automated management of cyber dashboards. Objective : Remove the Excel files

Dashboard infrastructure management

Consolidating and maintaining the infrastructure used for your cyber dashboards and managing changes related to new requirements